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Thanks to Nicole to the gallery have been added two high quality photos from Kate’s photoshoot for Lucky Magazine (2010) taken by Tash and Black Book Magazine (2011) taken by A. Macpherson. Check it out!

Photoshoots from 2010 > Tesh [Lucky Magazine]
Photoshoots from 2011 > A. Macpherson [Black Book]

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Check out this exclusive red band featurette from Movie 43, directed by Peter Farrelly.

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To the gallery have been added 6 unseen photos from 2012 Sundance Film Festiwal portraits by Jeff Vespa. Kate and the rest of the cast of Black Rock look very funny. You must check it out!

Photoshoots from 2012 > J. Vespa [2012 Sundance Film Festival]

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One amazing unseen outtake from Kate’s photoshoot by Mark Jones for i-D Magazine (2003) has been added to the gallery. Kate looks brilliant. Check it out!

Photoshoots from 2003 > M. Jones [i-D Magazine]

By • Article under Gallery Kate News SK-II uploaded to the web four pictures from behind the scenes of Kate’s commercial for SK-II. You can see them in our gallery now!

SK-II > Behind the scenes of commercial

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Kate was ranked #5 on InStyle’s 2012 Best Dressed List. She beated women such as Victoria Beckham or Kate Moss. The first place was taken by Emma Stone. Full list below:

1. Emma Stone
2. Diane Kruger
3. Kristen Stewart
4. Alexa Chung
5. Kate Bosworth
6. Victoria Beckham
7. The Duchess of Cambridge
8. Kate Moss
9. Suri Cruise
10. Florence Welch

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To the gallery has been added new poster from Movie 43. Unfortunately, there’s no Kate’s picture on it. I remind you that the movie will be premiered in January 2013.

Movie 43 > Official Posters

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Finally, we are able to watch Kate’s first SK-II commercial. In the video Kate talks the five dimensions to crystal clear skin and the multi-functional benefits of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I’ve added to the gallery screencaptures from the commercial!

SK-II > Commercial

By • Article under Candids Gallery Homefront Kate News

I’ve just added new photos of Kate from yesterday, November 6. Kate was on the set of her new movie – Homefront. Enjoy!

Homefront > November 06, 2012 – On the set

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Kate Bosworth graced our shores just a few weeks ago, and Bella editor Alison was lucky enough to sit down with the SK-II ambassador to talk beauty essentials, fashion must-haves, and her career. Kate’s effortless style has made her a sartorial icon for heaps of women, and while she’s passionate about clothes she gets just as excited talking about her upcoming film projects, especially if they involve her fiancé, Michael Polish, who directed her in Big Sur. Over a 15-year career Kate’s been a beach babe (Blue Crush), every day checkout chick (Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!) and comic book character (Superman Returns), and now she’s ready to take on grittier roles, such as playing James Franco’s meth-addicted sister in Homefront. Read on for why Kate’s excited about her acting career and what her highlight has been so far.

Who is on your dream co-star and director list?

I always, always want to work with my future husband! It’s the easiest answer. Our household is so creative — he’s a writer/director, so we’ll often have discussions about him saying things like, “I was thinking of writing a female character like this, and I feel it would be interesting for the world to see you like this. It would be surprising.” To be able to have the beautiful, great fortune of being in a relationship with someone you can create with on the work side, as well as nurture a really healthy, beautiful relationship . . . I’ve never been happier because of that aspect of my life.

How has the way you choose movie roles changed from a few years ago? Are you looking for different things now?

To me, right now is the most exciting time for an actress in terms of age. I’ve been doing this since I was 14 so I’ve seen the real teenage roles to the early 20s roles. There’s kind of a ceiling for what you can do. There’s a kind of angst and uncertainty, just at that age in general, that one is going through, so that’s the realm you’re existing in. As you start getting into 29, 30, and all the way through the rest of your life, you’ve earned enrichment from the past experiences of being younger, and having the ups and the downs. The roles become much more dynamic, complex and interesting, and you can really settle into them. I’m excited about this next chapter.

And what is your career highlight?

I’ve concentrated on not playing the same character twice, so in a sense it’s a tougher road to hoe because you’re constantly experimenting in different areas and I think people really like it when you’re in one category — it’s just easier for people to get their head around. I love doing the bigger films, I love doing the grittier, more intimate indies, whether it’s Superman Returns to a movie like Wonderland, or Beyond the Sea, or the film I just did with Michael, which is called Big Sur. Big Sur was a real departure for me because it’s based on [Jack] Kerouac’s book, so all the dialogue in the movie is pretty much as it’s written in the book. Kerouac didn’t really use any grammar, so in a sense you had to find a real rhythm with the dialogue that was unnatural. The challenge is to always connect with the audience, so how do you take something that feels like the ’60s speak, and kind of unnatural, to really connecting emotionally with an audience and transcending that. That was a challenging role, but also one I learned so much on and feel really proud of. I can’t wait for people to see that movie. [Michael] did a beautiful job.


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