1~24.jpgIt’s no secret that actress Kate Bosworth has incredible fashion sense. With access to top designers and an insanely talented stylist in Cher Coulter to boot, that’s no shock. But what about the starlet’s style rings true for us? She wears the clothes (not vice versa), and her individuality sustains every look. Now that she and Cher have translated their fashion prowess into accessory gold, with high-style, low-cost JewelMint, we thought it would be fun to see what they could whip up when pairing our best summer styles with their favorite baubles.

See below for the sartorial couplings and an exclusive behind-the-scenes video featuring Cher’s fabulous styling tips.

But first, a little background from the dynamic duo:

GapMag: What motivated you to start your own jewelry line?
Kate: Cher and I have been best friends for years and have been searching for a project that would allow us to collaborate creatively. Both of us recognized a gap in the market for inexpensive, yet high-style jewelry.

GM: How has your relationship changed or transitioned from stylist/client, friends, and now to business partners?
K: We both contribute to the relationship in very special ways. While Cher uses her stylist experience to bring out my daring side, she also really respects my sense of individuality.
Cher: We always make it a point to have fun. Every job becomes a research assignment for design inspiration. We recently shot a commercial in a vintage jewelry store and it turned into a creative frenzy! Our design minds are very in sync.

GM: Where do you find inspiration for your designs? Where was the most unlikely place you’ve found it?
K: Our Eros Earrings have a great story behind them. I was travelling through Sweden and came across this fantastic antique market. Among all these vintage pieces I found a pin, and it had a bohemian feel to it. Cher and I used it as inspiration and, of course, she had this amazing idea to create fun, over-sized earrings.
C: We always stumble across our next inspiration in unexpected places. I love peering through cabinets in vintage shops; it’s like treasure hunting! Kate and I will also look over previous designer collections and develop ways to reinterpret trends. I recently took a trip to Big Bear and came across these cool beaded bracelets in a little hippie shop. Look out for our interpretation this summer!

GM: What trends from the runways are you using in your upcoming designs?
K: I feel like this season is really calling out for vintage pieces. I love our Oyster Earrings—very on track with the pearl jewelry trend. The gold fan is fun and a bit exotic. I wore them to Sundance with a lace Dolce & Gabbana and they really complemented romantic vibe of the dress.
C: Some fun eighties trends we saw on the runway; thin chains layered over a button-down shirt; boyfriend rings worn as a necklace; big rings with hoops–very tribal punk. We’re also starting to play with western ties and collar tips as fun accessories.

GM: What else can we look forward to this summer from JewelMint?
K: Cher and I made a point to incorporate a bohemian feel into our designs. My favorite earrings feature intricate thread detail in a variety of colors. I plan on wearing them with everything!
C: I particularly love our upcoming set of fabric bangles and the thread earrings Kate mentioned–they’re hippie with a twist. We also have leather tassel necklaces that have a luxe bohemian feel. Summer is also a perfect time for punk trends. Kate and I designed a silver stud and cuff earring reminiscent of punk looks from Camden Market in London. Pile on your jewelry and have fun experimenting!


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“Black Rock”

Katie Aselton, director and star of Sundance ‘10 low budget breakout “The Freebie,” got on the phone with indieWIRE while on location in Milbridge, Maine, preparing for production on her new film “Black Rock.” Says Aselton, “In a town of 350 people like Milbridge, 20 people shooting a movie is taking over the town.”

In “Black Rock,” three childhood friends (Aselton, Kate Bosworth and Lake Bell) return home to visit an island they visited as kids. From there, something very scary—and very real—interferes with the idyllic nostalgic trip they all envisioned.

“I came to filmmaking as an actor who wants another job,” Aselton told indieWIRE. “If no one gives you the opportunity to play the roles you want to play, you’ve got to make them yourself. I’ve had this idea banging around in my head for a while. I had the first two acts in my head, but the climax was eluding me. The idea of violence doesn’t come naturally to me. Mark [Duplass] and I were walking through a forest taking turns going down the narrow paths.”

Sensing something creepy about their forest stroll, Duplass cranked out a rough draft of the script for “Black Rock” in 12 hours. “Mark has an amazing ability to see the arc of a film. I just had to tweak a lot of the dialogue on my own to make the girls talk like girls.”

Fast forward to now, when Aselton is merely weeks away from shooting the film in her hometown. Excited to begin production, she told indieWIRE, “When I was casting this film, I had to ask myself ‘With whom do I want to spend four weeks in a forest, getting muddy and being cold in the ocean?’ We’re going to be making the most out of the elements. It’s going to be brutal and raw.”

The film’s team, who have set up a Kickstarter campaign to help buy a camera for the shoot, reached their goal shortly after iW spoke with her, but the campaign is open until June 5. Click here to find out more and to contribute.

Aselton’s castmates should be afraid, very afraid. She just re-watched “Deliverance” before speaking with indieWIRE, and she seemed very inspired.

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The only thing more magical than the black tie galas, prestigious film screenings and the star-studded red carpet events that are currently occupying the French town of Cannes, is the dealmaking for the future. Pairing stars for neatly-packaged projects meant to whet the appetite of potential buyers — it’s like a week long cocktail party where movies are the appetizers.

The latest cinematic hors d’oeuvre of interest is as romantic a concept as the Cannes Film Festival itself: Kiefer Sutherland and Kate Bosworth will play two sides of a budding couple in “Fairytale in New York,” which Hollywood Reporter explains is looking for a buyer at the fest.

In the film, Sutherland will play an Irish stand-up comedian — surprising, as Sutherland is neither Irish or has ever told a joke (as far as we can tell) — who crosses paths with Bosworth’s character at an art gallery.

“Fairytale” will follow the two as their relationship develops, but producer Lisa Katselas assures skeptical on-lookers that “‘Fairytale of New York’ lets us observe what most of us hope for in a relationship and then it takes us further, much further.”

On the surface, the film sounds fairly straightforward and should rely heavily on the direction of Lee Clearly, an assistant director on movies like “The Hurt Locker” and “X-Men: First Class,” and the two actors’ chemistry to keep things interesting.

Thankfully, there’s plenty of reason to think Sutherland and Bosworth could light a spark on screen. The two actors have avoided the limelight since their biggest projects, which makes their team-up that much more intriguing. Bosworth has stuck mostly to indies since “Superman Returns,” with even her more mainstream work (the upcoming “Straw Dogs” remake) erring on the side of risk.

Since wrapping the eighth season of “24,” Sutherland has laid low, only now popping up for an anticipated Cannes debut: Lars von Trier’s latest sci-fi mindbender “Melancholia.” The first trailer reminded us that there’s a whole other side to Sutherland that we rarely saw in his action TV show.

We’ll know if the promise of an odd couple can lure financial backers to “Fairytale” by the end of the Cannes Film Festival, but for now, we’ll just wish for a happy ending.

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Katie Aselton (The Freebie) is set to direct and star in the thriller Black Rock, with Lake Bell and Kate Bosworth signing on to co-star.

The film chronicles three childhood friends who embark on a weekend getaway to the isolated island of Black Rock, only to discover that they are not alone. The story was conceived by Aselton and written by Mark Duplass (Cyrus), both of whom will executive produce, with Adele Romanski reuniting with Aselton to produce the film.

“I grew up watching classic suspense films and have long had the idea of making a girl-based thriller where the threat to the characters is very real, and the audience is left with the terrifying thought ‘this could happen to me,'” said Aselton. “Exploring that kind of movie excites me as a filmmaker, and I am elated to have Lake Bell and Kate Bosworth alongside me on the journey.”


Katie Aselton (The Freebie) is set to direct and star in the thriller Black Rock, with Lake Bell and Kate Bosworth signing on to co-star. The film chronicles three childhood friends who embark on a weekend getaway to the isolated island of Black Rock, only to discover that they are not alone. The story was conceived by Aselton and written by Mark Duplass (Cyrus), both of whom will executive produce, with Adele Romanski (The Freebie, The Myth of the American Sleepover) reuniting with Aselton to produce the film.

Josh Braun from Submarine will be handling international domestic and international sales, including pre-sales at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. In addition, the producers of Black Rock are excited to announce a Kickstarter campaign to crowd-source a portion of the film’s funding. For more information about the Kickstarter campaign please visit: Kickstarter.com

Aselton, who starred in and co-produced The Puffy Chair, is also currently a regular on the hit FX comedy The League, which was recently renewed for a third season. Aselton will also be seen in the upcoming comedies Our Idiot Brother, directed by Jesse Peretz and to be released this summer by The Weinstein Company, and Paramount’s Jeff Who Lives at Home, written, directed and produced by Mark and Jay Duplass. Her debut film as a writer and director, The Freebie, in which she co-starred opposite Dax Shepard, premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and was released theatrically by Phase Four Films to critical acclaim.

“I grew up watching classic suspense films and have long had the idea of making a girl-based thriller where the threat to the characters is very real, and the audience is left with the terrifying thought ‘this could happen to me,'” said Aselton. “Exploring that kind of movie excites me as a filmmaker, and I am elated to have Lake Bell and Kate Bosworth alongside me on the journey.”

Bell will next be seen in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy which made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival and will be released this August. On the small screen, Bell will next be seen in the third season of the Adult Swim series Childrens’ Hospital, created by Rob Corddry. The show will return on June 2nd, 2011 and run for 14 episodes. Bell is currently shooting the second season of HBO’s How to Make It in America in New York opposite Bryan Greenberg and Victor Rasuk. It will return this summer. At the Sundance Film Festival this year, Bell was proud to have her first short film accepted. She wrote and directed the film, Worst Enemy which is a comedy about a female misanthrope (Michaela Watkins) who gets herself stuck in a full body girdle.

Bosworth was most recently seen in Another Happy Day starring opposite Demi Moore and Ellen Barkin as well as the independent film Little Birds, both of which premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. She will next be seen in the remake of Straw Dogs and also just completed the comedy L!fe Happens with Krysten Ritter. Bosworth is well known for her role as the iconic ‘Lois Lane’ in Superman Returns for Bryan Singer and for her strong-willed performance in John Stockwell’s hugely successful Blue Crush. Her additional credits include Kevin Spacey’s Beyond the Sea, where she portrayed screen icon ‘Sandra Dee’ and Robert Luketic’s 21 among others.

Aselton is represented by ICM and Untitled Entertainment. Duplass is represented by ICM. Bell is represented by UTA and the Burstein Company. Bosworth is represented by WME and One Talent Management.

Black Rock comes to theaters in 2013 and stars Katie Aselton, Kate Bosworth, Lake Bell. The film is directed by Katie Aselton.


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Extra! has released the very first preview clips from Kate’s upcomming film Straw Dogs, in which she starrs alongside boyfriend Aleksander Skarsgard. From the looks of it, this will be a quite dark film – and it looks amazing! I can’t wait to see more from it – and you can be sure that we will update you with everything we come across… Screencaptures will be added to our galleries soon!

I’ve got some exiting (and a bit late) news for you fellow Kate fans! Our girl has appeared in a new add and campaign for Cotton Inc – ” The fabric of her life”! Kate both sings and act in this commercial, and it’s a really gorgeous ad. She truely has the perfect look for this type of shoots, and her beautiful voice just makes the add even more perfect!


 “Her beauty, her status as a Hollywood actress and a fashion icon were a perfect fit for our strategy: to show women that cotton is a part of all aspects of their lives, even if that life includes a walk on the red carpet.” – Glenn  Sciachitano

Kate recently did an absolutely stunning photoshoot for the campaign’s ads, which can be found in our galleries here. To download the Kate’s song, watch various releated videos and more, head over to Cotton Inc’s facebook here, – really recommended, as there’s a lot of goodies! The advert itself can be seen here. Screencaptures from all the new videos will be up in our galleries this weekend, all being well.

Kate Bosworth got some really cool material to work with for her latest project: The blonde beauty just signed on to sing and star in Cotton Incorporated’s new “The Fabric of My Life” campaign.

“Kate was an ideal choice for this year’s commercial,” Cotton Incorporated director of advertising Glenn Sciachitano says of Bosworth. “Her beauty, her status as a Hollywood actress and a fashion icon were a perfect fit for our strategy: to show women that cotton is a part of all aspects of their lives, even if that life includes a walk on the red carpet.”

Bosworth’s TV spot—which begins airing in rotation this month with Zooey Deschanel’s Cotton campaign—shows the Straw Dogs actress in a series of dreamy and romantic settings, such as browsing her covetable closet in a pale blue shift, perusing antique books in a sweet peachy-pink ruched dress, and filming a movie in a Gatsbylike gown and cloche hat. Each vignette features high-fashion apparel from designers such as Prada, Proenza Schouler, Rodarte, and Nina Ricci.

“People generally think of cotton as cozy and casual,” says celebrity stylist Cher Coulter. “But high-end designers really capitalize on its versatility to the extent many people may not immediately recognize it as cotton.”

Just as impressive as the ad’s ensembles is Bosworth’s folkie singing voice, which is heard crooning Cotton Inc.’s signature theme song (“The touch … the feel …”—you know the rest) over a spare orchestration.

Bosworth reportedly worried that warbling might not be her strong suit. “[Kate] was, in fact, anxious [to sing],” Ric Hendee, Cotton Inc. senior vice president of consumer marketing, told WWD, “and she said this commercial will give her a chance to make her singing début.”

After watching the video, we’d say she’s got the singing thing all sewn up.

Hello netters! :) Again, I have to start my post with an apology. There has been a huge lack of updates here lately, and I will try really hard to change that. First up today, I have some news regarding Kate’s upcomming film “BFF & Baby”, in which Kate starrs alongside Rachel Bilson. According to IMDB, the film has changed name to L!ife Happends due to reasons I’m currently un-aware of. It has also been revelead that the film will premiere at the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival!

LOS ANGELES (May 3, 2011) – Today the Los Angeles Film Festival, presented by the Los Angeles Times, announced the first round of official US and international selections.  The 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival is produced by Film Independent — the non-profit arts organization that also produces the Spirit Awards — and will screen over 200 feature films, shorts, and music videos, representing more than 30 countries.  Opening and Closing Night films, Galas, Conversations, Artists in Residence, LAFCA’s Films That Got Away, along with additional special guests and programming for the Festival Talks will be announced at later dates.

Returning to downtown Los Angeles, with its central hub at L.A. LIVE, the Festival will run from Thursday, June 16 to Sunday, June 26.  Now in its seventeenth year, the Festival is recognized as a world-class event, showcasing the best in new American and international cinema and providing the movie-loving public with access to critically acclaimed filmmakers, film industry professionals, and emerging talent from around the world.

This year, the Festival received more than 5,025 submissions from filmmakers around the world, compared to over 4,700 from last year.  The final selections represent 27 World, North American, and US premieres.  The number of films competing in the narrative and documentary competition categories increased this year from 18 to 19, of which 11 are World premieres and 8 are North American or US premieres.  The number of female feature filmmakers also increased this year from 21 to 23.

For the sixth year, the Los Angeles Times will serve as the Festival’s presenting partner and will once again produce the Official Film Guide, the comprehensive source for all movie info, screenings, locations, and related special events.  The Film Guide will top the paper on Sunday, June 12 in Los Angeles and Orange County, and will be made available throughout downtown Los Angeles during the ten-day event.

“We experienced our most successful year ever when we were downtown last year for the first time, and we can’t wait to return with this diverse, rich and exciting program of film,” said Los Angeles Film Festival Director Rebecca Yeldham.  “We’re looking forward to reuniting our community of filmmakers and film lovers with this year’s program of memorable cinematic events and experiences.”

“I’m very excited about the broad range of movies we’ve assembled for our second year downtown.   Many of them are made in Los Angeles and reflect the city’s tremendous diversity,” said Festival Artistic Director David Ansen.  “There are delights for every kind of movie lover — an original musical, a 4½ hour epic from a master director, a comedy from Iran, cutting-edge horror films, the best of new Cuban cinema and a wide variety of Spanish-language movies, entries from some great new French Canadian directors, a very strong line-up of gay and lesbian films, and documentaries that will change the way you look at the world.”

“Film Independent has been producing the Los Angeles Film Festival for ten years now, and we’re incredibly proud of its growth, the diverse artists we’ve supported, and the breadth of films we’ve shared with both a local and international audience,” said Film Independent Executive Director Dawn Hudson.  “This year’s Festival also has many returning filmmakers, as well as Fellows who have gone through Film Independent’s year-round programs, and we’re excited to screen their latest work.”

To celebrate the line-up announcement, the Los Angeles Film Festival will also be presenting a free outdoor, screening tonight at 7:00 p.m. of Pretty in Pink at Nokia Plaza L.A. LIVE (777 Chick Hearn Court, Los Angeles, CA 90015).  The screening marks the 25th anniversary of the film and director Howard Deutch, actor Jon Cryer, and Festival filmmakers will be in attendance.  Guests who arrive in ‘80s attire will receive two vouchers to the Festival, and special discounted passes and packages will be available for purchase.  A “Pink” Beer and Wine Garden will be open in Nokia Plaza L.A. LIVE at 5:00 p.m. and parking is $8 cash at Gate G in the West Garage.

Passes to attend the Festival are currently available to the general public, with special rates for Film Independent members.  In addition to screenings and events, Festival passes provide access to a series of networking receptions and entry to the Filmmaker Lounge, where Festival pass holders can interact with Festival filmmakers and professionals in the film community.  General admission tickets to individual films go on sale beginning May 31.  Contact the Ticket Office for passes, tickets and event information by calling 866.FILM.FEST (866.345-6337) or visit LAFilmFest.com.  Festival passes and tickets can also be purchased in person beginning on Monday, June 13 at the Coca-Cola Ticket Center, located in the Festival Village on the rooftop of the West Parking Garage at L.A. LIVE.

Summer Showcase (18): The Summer Showcase section offers an advance look at this summer’s most talked about independent film releases from the festival circuit. Films in this section are eligible for Audience Awards for Best International Feature, Best Narrative Feature, or Best Documentary Feature.

  • Another Earth, Mike Cahill (Fox Searchlight)
  • Elevate, Anne Buford
  • The Future, Miranda July (Roadside Attractions)
  • The Guard, John Michael McDonagh – Ireland (Sony Pictures Classics)
  • Higher Ground, Vera Farmiga (Sony Pictures Classics)
  • Leave It on the Floor, Sheldon Larry – WORLD PREMIERE
  • Letters From the Big Man, Christopher Munch
  • L!fe Happens, Kat Coiro – WORLD PREMIERE
  • Natural Selection, Robbie Pickering
  • Page One: Inside the New York Times, Andrew Rossi (Magnolia Pictures/Participant Media)
  • The Pruitt-lgoe Myth, Chad Freidrichs
  • Renée, Eric Drath (ESPN Films)
  • Sex Crimes Unit, Lisa F. Jackson (HBO Films)
  • Skateistan: Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul, Kai Sehr
  • Terri, Azazel Jacobs (ATO)
  • Tyrannosaur, Paddy Considine – England (Strand Releasing)
  • Where Soldiers Come From, Heather Courtney
  • Winnie the Pooh, Stephen J. Anderson, Don Hall (Disney)
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Hello fellow Kate fans! As expected, our dear Kate attented this year’s Coachella Music and Arts Festival, togheter with boyfriend alexander skarsgård. I’ve come across a couple of photos from both day 1 and 2, but it doesn’t look like she attented the third day. Rumors surfacing around the net says she was busy working – and as busy as Kate is these days with so many upcomming projects, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was true! She did look stunning both the days she attented though – I especially love her cool outfit from April 17. Enjoy the new photos, and stay tuned for more update here at Breathtakingly soon!

April 15 – Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Day 1 x11
April 16 – Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Day 2 x56

  08.jpg 01.jpg  01.jpg 19.jpg 47.jpg

By • Article under Notes from Webmiss Site

Breathtakingly Kate Bosworth has been chosen as the celebrity fansite of the day at The fan carpet! Thank you so much to the staff at TFC – we truely appriciate it :)

By • Article under New Event Rumored Roles

We previously reported that Kate where to recieve the exellence in acting award at the 2011 Vail Film Festival! The festival was held last night, and I am on the lookout for photos as we speak. Apparently, it was announced that Kate will be starring in a new film called “Big Sur”, alongside Josh Lucas at the festival. I haven’t found out much information on the project yet, not if it has been confirmed by Kate herself either, but it’s pretty reliable seing as the news came from the official twitter page for the festival. I will inform you as soon as I hear any more details on the project ;)

@VailFilmFest Josh Lucas and Kate Bosworth are starring together in a new film just announced this week. “Big Sur” #VFF11 about 16 hours ago via Seesmic for Android

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