Once again, I will have to begin my post with an apology. Breathtakingly Bosworth has been without proper updates for quite some time now, but I am still struggeling with computer issues. I have a small update for you today though, made possible by the very nice people over at the Kate Bosworth Forums! A new JewelMint photoshoot has been added to our galleries, along with a promotional photo from Straw Dogs, a cover for The Warriors Way and a few magazine scans (credit to Montgomory for the Instyle ones, and Stephanie for the Star style one). You can view all the new additions by heading over to the “Last uploads” section of our galleries.

The lack of updates here will probably continue on a little longer, untill I get enough money to buy my own new computer. I will try my very best to borrow friends’s computers to drop in an update you all on Kate every now and then though! Enjoy the new photos :)

1~18.jpg  1~19.jpg 3~15.jpg 1~20.jpg 1~22.jpg

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Hello netters :) I have some very exiting news for you today – Our dear Kate is to receive the Excellence in Acting Award at the Vail Film Festival! Breathtakingly Bosworth would like to give a huge congratulations to Kate – they couldn’t have picked anyone better, right? It’s quite an honor, and she truely do deserve it. Article from their official website:

The Vail Film Festival is pleased to announce that KATE BOSWORTH, star of Blue Crush, Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns and Kevin Spacey’s Beyond the Sea will be in attendance to receive the Excellence in Acting Award, and Emmy Award winning actor/filmmaker MICHAEL IMPERIOLI will be in attendance to receive this year’s Renegade Award for Risk Taking in Film, an honor bestowed to Zach Braff, Jeremy Davies, and filmmaker Kevin Smith in recent years. Kate and Michael will be honored at the Festival Awards Ceremony at 6:30pm on Saturday, April 2nd at the Vail Mountain School. See the press release HERE

Hello fellow Kate fans :D Thanks to a nice friend who allowes me to borrow her computer, I have finally been able to catch up on event and photoshoot photos! I have many sites that needs to be updated, so I haven’t got the time to search the full web for photos, but I have added some from each event (+ more than 100 HQ photos from the Burberry show!). A lot more photos, including bucketloads of Hires images, will be added into the albums eventually. My first priority is to add some photos from all events. I have also added scans and outtakes from Kate’s “Nylon Magazine” spread – and may I say, this is one of my alltime photoshoots of hers! She really suits colorful shoot. Unfortunately, we only have tagged outtakes at the moment. I hope to be able to repleace these very soon with better versions.  There’s a lot of new prettyness added – make sure you check it all out!

As soon as our galleries are completely up-to-date, I will start working on the content here. I have a lot of plans for this site – and I can’t wait to get started! Up first will probably be the information and career sections. However, I will also start on our interact section soon, so you can expect a lot of fun stuff comming up here at Breathtakingly Bosworth soon! If you have any request,  then do not hesitate to let me know. You can do so by simply commenting on this post, or email me at isabellesites@hotmail.com. I absolutely love comments from you guys! Comments, questions, requests etc – I feel better doing something for the site when I know someone will enjoy it. So throw in as many requests as you want! You can take a look at my other fansite here for inspiration to pages you would like to see being made here at Kate-Bosworth.org if you want. Now, I’ll let you start browsing all the new Kate photos – Enjoy!

February 17 – CK Women’s Collection – Front Row – Fall 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week x14
February 21 – Burberry Prorsum Arrivals – LFW Autumn/Winter 2011 x105
March 10 – Nylon Magazine Party x 6
Jewel Mint > Behind The Scenes – March/April Photoshoot 2011 x4
Magazines from 2011 > March – Nylon Magazine (Indonesia) x1
Magazines from 2011 > March – Nylon Magazine (US) x9
BBF & Baby > BFF & Baby – Official Movie Stills x11
Photoshoots from 2011 > Session #03 x10
Photoshoots from 2011 > Session #04 x19
Screencaptures > 2011 – E! Online at Sundance x45
Screencaptures > 2011 – Getting Ready for Sundance 2011 x56
2011 – Interview at the Little Birds premiere, Sundance Film Festival x22

4~7.jpg 14~6.jpg 3~11.jpg 2~14.jpg 1~11.jpg 1~12.jpg 10.png 7~7.jpg 13~9.jpg  56.JPG 

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Kate Bosworth enjoyed some cover-girl glory Thursday night in Hollywood, toasting her April cover of Nylon with a private dinner at Hemingway’s Lounge.

The Hollywood space was filled with life-sized posters of the magazine cover — something the actress is still not used to seeing.

“As a way of self-preservation, I think I slip into a character when I do stuff like this,” she said. The shoot — a “colorful grunge” theme — was styled by longtime pal Cher Coulter, her collaborator on the jewelry line JewelMint.

Bosworth blanched at a suggestion that she take one home for safekeeping, but admitted her parents are “still proud of this kind of stuff.”

“I’ll be surprised if they don’t try to strap one of those to the roof of the car,” she said. And yes, her proud parents were indeed on scene to support their only child.

In a sparkling Dolce & Gabbana top and shorts, Bosworth played the perfect hostess for them, boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard (“True Blood”) and actors including Rhys Corio and Gillian Zineser.

A seated dinner followed cocktails, hosted by Habitual denim, and Bosworth and Skarsgard munched with the folks. A nice reprieve, no doubt, from her hectic schedule producing her first film. Bosworth has acquired to rights to the book “Lost Girls and Love Hotels.” The flick is slated to shoot in Tokyo, but first she’s headed to France to meet with a director.

Before she slipped into the library-themed dining room to mingle with her guests, we couldn’t help but nudge her with one question about her tall, lean beloved: Specifically, is she breathlessly excited for the June premiere of “True Blood” and all the shirtless glory to come?

“Of course,” she winked

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That the New Yorkers for Children Spring Dance, which supports youth in foster care, sold out even before the invitations were printed. This year’s vice chairs for the event, presented by Soigne K on April 12, include Kate Bosworth, Leighton Meester, Zac Posen, Hilary Rhoda and Jack Huston . . .

Source: NY Post

On March 11, our dear Kate attented a party for Nylon Magazine’s March Issue (the one which Kate covers)! She looked absolutely stunning in a Dolce & Gabbana outfit. I am still not able to save any images, as previously stated, but you can view some absolutely gorgeous photos here and here. As soon as I get my computer back, you will be able to get a huge batch of HQ images from this event here at Breathtakingly Bosworth.

I also know I told you a few days ago that I was going to break the “No image saving” rule for the computer I am currently using, but that didn’t go very well. The computer kept restarting over and over, and it’s obviously not capable to do things like that. It’s a very old computer unfortunately. But I will have my computer back in maximum 2 weeks – and I promise you bucketloads of awesome updates then! So I hope you will all stay patience with me untill then :)

Actresses Gillian Zinser and Kate Bosworth attended Nylon Magazine’s March Issue Celebration to celebrate Kate’s March cover at Hemingway’s in LA.

Gillian opted for a grungy chic look pairing khaki fringed pants with vintage tee, whereas Kate’s look wanted to be grungy chic but it was just chic.

She wore an embellished Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011 lace mini dress without the knickerbockers presented on the runway.

This is the second time the actress has worn a look from this collection.

On this occasion she opted to wear black booties which I do not favour, but she was clearly trying to toughen up this look.

Mission unaccomplished because she still looks sweet and adorable, but it’s very surprising that her stylist would pick this look considering it has already been worn by Diane Kruger.

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Hello netters :) I am back home again, and ready to update you all on Kate! Unfortunately, not as properly as normal. My computer broke a few days ago, which means I have to use my school computer to update Breathtakingly Bosworth untill I get it back from reperation. I am not allowed to save images, download videos, download graphic programs etc on this – so there will be no image/graphic/video updates untill I get mine back.

I know these are you’re favorite updates, so I am really sorry about this! I will however guide you in the right direction for photos everytime Kate attends a new event etc. I had saved a lot of photos from Kate’s recent event + a lot of new photoshoots right before the computer broke, so there will be tons of updates when I get it back! I truely hope you all will stay patient with me and the site. I will still post articles, make content updates etc!

Update: Okey, so I have decided to not care about the image saving rule. How much damage can a few images do, right? :p A big image cath up post is comming up tommorow, so make sure you return then! I will try to have some smaller updates up today.

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Hello dear fellow Kate fans :) I am just dropping by to let you all know that I will be gone for the next two weeks. I am leaving to Thailand in a couple of hours, to attend an audition for a dancing job audition. It’s an amazing opportunity for me, so I really hope you will all understand that I will be unable to update the next two weeks. If I get this job, I will be able to spend one year in Thailand for FREE, with a paid job which I truely love. Not many people get a chance like this, and I have to take it! My family situation is really complicated, and a free place to live for a year is exacly what I need. I will be back in two weeks to continue to update you all on everything our dear Kate does! While waiting, head over to the Kate Bosworth Forums – you will be able to keep up-to-date there! Have a nice weeks guys, and we’ll talk soon.

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Hello dears :D I have a pretty exiting post for you today! The very first magazine scan from Kate’s feature in the March issue of “Elle” (in crispy-clear high quality I might add) has now been added to our galleries. It’s a really pretty photo – I can’t wait to see some more outtakes from this photoshoot! It could very well be one of my alltime favorite Kate photoshoots.

We have also got 6 gorgeous HQ images from ”The King’s Speech” Awards Season Party, which Kate attented on February the 7th. I adore her look at this party! So very simple, yet gorgeous. Enjoy the new photos – and stay tuned for a little screencapture update tommorow, all being well!

2011 > February 7 – ”The King’s Speech” Awards Season Party x6
Magazines from 2011 > March – ELLE Magazine x1

2~9.jpg 5~6.jpg 1~8.jpg 6~6.jpg elle.jpg

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Hello netters, and welcome to the all new Breathtakingly Kate Bosworth :D As you can see, we have a gorgeous new theme up here, both at the main page, and a matching one for the galleries. This new look is designed for us by the very talented Mycah – I can’t stop starring at it! I really hope that you will all love it as much as I do. I can’t really see how you can’t ;’) The photos used are some of my alltime favorite ones of Kate – I just love the feeling they, as well as the light and pretty colors, give. Comments on the new theme is truely appriciated – I would love to hear what you think about it!

To accompany the new theme is a couple of content updates here at Breathtakingly Bosworth. First up, is the beginning of what will soon be a complete and in-depth career page! I have put up links for all the pages that will soon be up there – and I hope you will all stay patiant with me while I get them up and running. Some of the film pages have already been made, including “The Horse whisperer” and “The girl in the park”. As for rest of the content – it will all be up soon! I decided to re-do all the Kate pages, as I wanted to make them more complete and up-to-date. Currently, the only thing in there is the biography, but the rest will be up soon! The biography is a must see though – I have written it to be completely up-to-date on Kate and her career!

As promised, I have also updated our galleries. Bucketloads of HQ images from Kate’s Sundance appearances have now found their way into our galleries, along with a new Jewelmint photoshoot (which is absolutely gorgeous! My favorite on to date) and some HQ portraits from Sundance. I’ll let you all start browsing it now! Enjoy all the new updates, and please leave a comment on the new theme :D

– 2011 > January 23 – Sundance Film Festival (Another Happy Day Premiere ) x63 HQ Replacements
2011 > January 23 – Sundance Film Festival ( Little Birds Premiere ) x39 HQ Replacements
2011 > January 24 – Creative Coalition Dinner x31
2011 > January 24 – Sotheby’s And GYPSY05 Present Chefdance x6
Photoshoots from 2011 > Session #01 x13
Photoshoots from 2011 > Session #02 x16

66.jpg 39~2.jpg 6~3.jpg 4~4.jpg 6~5.jpg

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