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As expected, our dear Kate is currently at the Sundance Film Festival where two of her films – “Another happy day” and “Little birds” – premiered yesterday. Kate graced the red carpet at both premieres, and she looked absolutely amazing! I especially adore her hairstyle at both these events. Bucketloads of HQ photos from both premieres are now to be found in our galleries. We are expecting a lot more photos, videos and articles from the festival soon, as there a lot of rumours going around about Kate appearing in a couple of interviews etc. So stay tuned, while you enjoy the new photos :)

January 23 – Sundance Film Festival (Another Happy Day Premiere) x53
–  January 23 – Sundance Film Festival (Little Birds Premiere) x40

26.jpg 03.jpg 28.jpg 25.jpg 53.jpg
01~0.jpg 14~0.jpg 22~0.jpg 31~0.jpg


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Hello netters :D On the 16th of January, our darling Kate attented a Golden Globe afterparty at Chateau Marmont! She looked breathtaking in a pretty blue dress – blue really suits Kate! According to Just Jared, Kate is wearing Burberry head-to-toe and completed her look with Jewelmint jewelry. A couple of photos are now up in our galleries, and I am looking for more as we speak.

I would also like to apologie for the lack of updates here. I’m currently waiting for our brand new layout, and I’m regulary working on more content to come with it. Kate is also pretty quiet now, so I’m taking some time off this site to do offline things, and update sites that I have been neclecting lately. However, as soon as our new layout is done, there will be a lot of updates here at Breathtakingly Bosworth! So stay tuned – I don’t think we have to wait much longer until it is done.

Hello netters :) First, I’d like to apology for the lack of updates here the last few days! Kate news has been slow – she has probably taken a well deserved christmas vacation. But today I stumbled upon some very exiting news! Kate’s JewelMint partner, Cher Coulter, just tweeted that she and Kate will appear in the March issue of Nylon Magazine. If anyone can contribute with scans for Breathtakingly Bosworth, then please email me! I myself aren’t able to get a hold of the magazine as I live in Norway. You will offcourse recieve credit.

@CherCoulter Just finished an epic shoot for nylon with Kate b. Comes out march it’s colorful!!!!

As for some site releated news, I am currently working on even more content updates for you. A lot of new site sections are in the making, and I have orderd a new main page theme for the site from the very talented Mycah. I can’t wait to recieve this – all her layouts are stunning!

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Instyle has made a funny little “click through” article as a dedication to Kate on her birthday. At their website, you can click through nine pages where they talk about her style and beauty over the last past years. It also includes some cute and memorable kate quotes – a sure must see! You can take a look at it here. I have included the first page below:

“I’d rather see somebody wearing too little makeup than too much,” Kate Bosworth has said and it’s no wonder. With her pale locks and heterochromic eyes—one blue, one hazel—the Warrior’s Way star is striking enough to go without. Born in Los Angeles and raised in New England, the former equestrian has played everyone from a surfer girl to Superman’s girl. But it’s her clean all-American style that has landed her contracts with both Revlon and Calvin Klein Jeans. “The hair is always beautiful, the makeup, the nails—she’s never overdone,” Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa has said. “There is this casualness about her.” Sounds just right.

The graphic updates continue as I have created two new pages in our media section – wallpapers and AIM icons!. I have included two different sizes for the wallpapers, and I hope everyone will find one that fits their screens! Who doesn’t want Kate’s gorgeous eyes showing up on their screen everytime they turn on the computer? ;)

Also, I would just like to inform you that our galleries will stay offline for a couple of minutes, maximum an hour. I am upgrading it to the latest version, but I promise to have it online again for you as soon as possible. While waiting, enjoy the new graphic updates!

New Pages:
– Multimedia > Wallpapers
– Multimedia > AIM Icons


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Second update up today, as a way to celebrate Kate’s birthday, is a new icon archive update! I have made 25 new photoshoot icons, most using the new JewelMint photoshoot. I tried out a couple of new colorings – and I would love to hear your opinions on them! More updates are comming up soon – so keep checking back :)


Our darling Kate is turning 28 years today, and I would like to wish her a very happy birthday! :D She has achieved so much during her 28 years on this earth, and I can’t wait to see what she will do in the future. 2011 is set to be a huge year for Kate, with a lot of releases – and we will be here to support and promote her!


As I told you earlier, I have put togheter a couple of surprises to celebrate her birthday. But as previously stated, those will unfortunately not be ready today. However, I hope to have a galore of gallery and content updates up for you here today, so make sure you drop by regulary :D First up is 2 gorgeous JewelMint photoshoots – one are additions + better quality replacements of yesterday’s shoot, while the other is brand new. Thank you so much to 21 and Summer for these!

Photoshoots from 2010 > Session #08 x8
Photoshoots from 2010 > Session #09 x6 new, 2 replacements

j5.jpg j3.jpg j2.jpg 3.jpg 8.jpg 

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Kudos to the amazing Belowen, we now have a gorgeous new JewelMint photoshoot of Kate! Kate looks absolutely stunning in the new photos, and I love the new collections. The photos can now be found in our galleries, and make sure you head over to JewelMints official website for more information.

kate1k.png kate2rp.png 

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First up, HAPPY NEW YEAR NETTERS! I hope you all had a wonderful time last night, and that the first day of 2011 have been a great day for you. I can’t wait to continue to work on this site in 2011 – I have a  lot of plans for Breathtakingly Kate Bosworth, and I hope that you will all continue to stay with us. I truely appriciate your support!

Thank’s to a couple of sweet people over at the Kate Bosworth Forums, we know that Kate has appeared on Encore’s in the house! The episode aired on the 30th December, but it is said to repeat on Kate’s Birthday tommorow at 10:30AM. If anyone is able to record this for us, and send it or screencap it, I would really appriciate it! Just drop me a line at

As for Kate’s birthday tommorow, I have arranged a couple of cool surprises to celebrate :) However, they will unfortunately not be ready by tommorow! But stay tuned a bit later this month for some site surprises! If possible, I will drop by and make some gallery and content updates tommorow as well.

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I was surfing through our galleries yesterday, and noticed that the “The Warrior’s Way” folder lacked a lot of new released images. There’s a lot of stuff that needs to be added, so I hope you will all stay patient while I go through the galleries and add the things that are missing. Today, 15HQ Movie stills, 1HQ poster and 2HQ behind the scenes photos have found their way into our galleries! I hope to have screencaptures from some of the featurettes up later today.

I have noticed that I have a lot of Kate photos that are not in the galleries. Therefore I have decided to put the content updates on a little hold, while I make sure our galleries get completely up-to-date. I will also most likely re-do the entire photoshoot category, as I have a lot of photos that are not already in there. This might take a little while – but I will throw in a couple of content updates while fixing the galleries, so that you won’t be bored :D

The Warrior’s Way > Posters & Covers x1
The Warrior’s Way > Movie Stills x15
The Warrior’s Way > Behind The Scenes x2

1.jpg 4.jpg 12.jpg 5.jpg 1.jpg

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