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Kudos to 21 at the Kate Bosworth Forums, we know that Kate might have another project comming up: Serpent girl! Unfortunately I have found no confirmation on this, nor who Kate might be playing.

Carnahan’s film Serpent Girl, based on his own novel and starring Armie Hammer, Malin Akerman, Kate Bosworth and Helen Hunt, will start production next year. Source.

Carnahan’s Serpent Girl, published in 2005, lists this as the official synopsis:

“When he wakes up naked by the side of the highway in the middle of the desert, twenty-two-year-old Bailey Quinn is sure of only three things: He’s in a world of testicle pain. He’s tripping out of his head on peyote. And someone seems to have made a half-assed attempt at slashing his throat. He can’t for the life of him remember what happened. And then it all comes back: His boys screwed him over.

Bailey, college dropout and carny, was working props and rigging for a touring tent circus and freak show. The Freaks were the nastiest, most tweaked-out group of misfits Bailey had ever come across. But the Freaks were doing some shady bookkeeping in addition to a boatload of veterinary Quaalude and crystal meth. So to get the inside dope on the circus payroll, Bailey took up with Eelie, the Serpent Girl, and began an unexpectedly erotic and dangerous odyssey.

As Bailey hits the road to track down his “friends” and get his loot back, a black-edged, hilarious caper unfolds. From Tank Deerflower, the drug-dealing rodeo rider, and Arnold, the fire-eater with a temper as black as his charred throat, to Sissy, the beautiful ex-junkie/whore who steals Bailey’s heart, strange characters and stranger events converge in this novel.” Source.

It would be really cool if this turned out to be true – so let’s keep or fingers crossed, hey? :)

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Merry Christmas fellow Kate fans! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful christmas so far, and that it will keep staying wonderful. Christmas is the time of year which should be filled with a bit extra joy and happiness, and I hope all our visitors is feeling the christmas spirit :) To make the day even more amazing then it hopefully already is, I have a huge icon archive update for you lot today! Thank you so much to Jess for some of these.

This site may stay a bit unactive during the rest of 2010, as I want to spend this time with friends and loved ones, and hopefully so will you! I hope to be able to drop by every now and then though. But, Breathtakingly Kate Bosworth will continue to serve you all the latest and greatest on Kate, as well as lots of more movie and appearances captures, content updates and more in 2011 – and I’m really looking forward to it! I am actually working on TWO new site section – and I think you guys are going to love them ;’) Now, enjoy the icons, and merry merry christmas!!

(Newest icons are at the top of the pages)

  • Candids (25 new icons)
  • Events (23 new icons)
  • Photoshoots (35 new icons)

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    Hello netters :D As I’ve stated quite a lot lately, I have many plans for the content on this site. Firstly, I want to tidy up everything that is already here, as well as add a lot more in-depth information on Kate! I have started slowely today, by re-writing/put togheter the entire biography. It’s quite long – and it will keep on growing! Photos and more information on Kate’s life (it mostly focuses on her career only right now) will be added to it eventually. You can check it out here.

    Secondly, I have added some screencapures from Jimmy Kimmel Live! These where actually added two days ago, but I haven’t had the time to post it before today. Kate looked absolutely stunning – A sure must see! I will add videos to our videoarchive soon :) Enjoy the updates, and come back soon for more!

    –  Tv Appearances from 2010 > December 1 – Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    Catherine Ann Bosworth, famously known in the entertainment industry as Kate Bosworth is an American actress. She first appeared on the television series Young Americans wherein she got the role of Bella Banks. She became famous when she did the leading character in Blue Crush in 2002. She appeared in other films like Wonderland (2003), Beyond the Sea (2004), Superman Returns (2006), and 21 (2008). In 2008, she was one of the newest models in Calvin Klein Jeans and spokeswoman for Coach newest luxury bags. She used to be the subject of intrigue when at a point, she became too skinny. But now, Kate has already found the best balance between diet and exercise to keep herself looking great always. Keep reading to know more about this.

    The low caloric diet plus portion control are two of Kate Bosworth’s diet secrets to staying slim. With the portion control diet, Kate only eats small portions of food spread out for the entire day and eats them especially when she’s hungry. She eats anything she wishes but only takes three bites of each food. Kate Bosworth’s diet plan likewise includes a lot of proteins, vegetables, and fruits to supply her enough vitamins and minerals.

    On the other hand, the low caloric diet that Kate follows contains a daily caloric intake based on the height, weight, and age of the individual. Usually, dieters who adhere to this diet monitor always their caloric intake making sure they don’t go beyond their caloric limit.

    For Kate Bosworth’s exercise especially when she did the movie Blue Crush, she had to add 15 pounds of muscle through working out and at the same time surfing 6 hours every day. During those days, Kate surfs for 4 hours, perform weight training for an hour, and for the remaining hour, she runs on the beach or under the water. She surfs 7 days a week and does weight training five times per week. Unlike other celebrities Kate Bosworth’s exercise routine is done alone as she doesn’t have any personal trainer and works out at the gym or at home. Furthermore, she swims and runs for 1 hour five to seven times per week to keep her legs well-toned and fit. These exercises are actually considered high cardio workouts that keep the heart rate up and burns more calories.

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    As promised earlier today, I have now added screencaptures from “The girl in the park” to our galleries! There’s 794 captures alltogheter, due to Kate having a big role in this film. It’s one of my favourite’s of her – her performance is brilliant! The captures are quite large, but the quality is not the best I’m afraid. Nevertheless, Kate looks great – and we get to see her with both blonde and brown hair in this film! For some reasons, I have always prefered her with brown hair in films, eventhough I usually prefer her with blonde :p Enjoy the captures, and stay tuned for more! I have quite a lot of Kate films to capture, and I hope to have caps from “Win a date with Ted Hamilton” up next.

    The Girl in the Park > The Girl In The Park – Movie Screencaptures x794

    girlinpark165.jpg girlinpark401.jpg girlinpark48.jpg girlinpark634.png girlinpark701.png

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    As I’ve stated a few times here,  I have a lot of plans for Cheesy These are plans that will take quite some time for me to finish – and now I would like to hear what YOU feel I should start with/focus on first. What is it you would really like to see/have right NOW? All the stuff belove will be added eventually, but I am uncertain about what you guys want the most.

    You can either vote by heading over to the Kate Bosworth forums where I have created a poll here, or you can comment on this post. I would love to hear your opinions!

    – Information! In-depth information on Kate, like a Biography, quotes etc.
    –  Multimedia! More videos, graphics, wallpapers, icons etc.
    – Interact! Fun stuff like restyles, games, votes and polls and more.
    – Screencaptures! From Kate’s films, TV appearances and more.
    – A Career Archive! Info on all her films and other projects.
    – A Huge library! This will be a press archive with interviews, articles, film reviews and more.
    – A Quote archives! A huge archive with Kate quotes, from interviews, films and more.
    – A style section –  This one will only be a small info page on Kate’s style.

     Hello fellow Kate fans! I hope you’re all having a great day :) If not, it’s about to become one! I’ve spent the last hour filling our galleries with lots of new cute-ness, mostly magazine and photoshoots ( which is an absolute favourite, right? ). This new update includes a couple of new photoshoots ( most from Kate’s Jewel line Jewelmint ), magazine scans and various new images from jewelmint! I have decided to put the photos of Kate modeling for Jewelmint into our photoshoots section, while Jewelries photos, website screencaptures etc goes into the “Jewelmint” category. Hope this won’t confuse you – I think it’s easier this way! I feel the photoshoots will be a bit hidden otherwise – and they’re so gorgeous, that we can’t let that happend ;)

    Enjoy all the new stuff, and come back a bit later today for another update – Screencaptures from Kate’s film, “The girl in the park”. They’re uploading as we speak – hope to have them up by an hour or so.

    November – C Magazine x1
    November – Instyle Magazine x2
    November – OK! Magazine x1
    December – People Magazine x1
    December – Teen Vogue x2
    January – Lucky Magazine x7
    Session #02 x3
    Session #04 x2
    Session #05 x2
    Session #06 x8
    Session #07 x3
    Other Projects > Jewel Mint x 14 more

    J.jpg 1.jpg 8.jpg 3.jpg 3.jpg

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    On December 12, Kate attented the 2010 Hollywood Style Awards! The event was held at the Hammer Museum on Sunday, and photos are now to be found in our galleries. She wore a Jil Sander outfit, and while this is absolutely not my favourite look of hers, I think she looks great! I especially love her make up – and the color on her skirt is super cute :) Kate also took two jaw-droppingly gorgeous portrait photos, which can be found in the photoshoot section. All the photos are in gorgeous, crispy clear, high quality.

    Enjoy all the pretty-ness and stay tuned for more! I have some new-old photoshoots which I will add very soon, as well as bucketloads of graphics. As always – comments, suggestions and any other kind of feedback is greatly appriciated, and will be heard!

    December 12 – Hollywood Style Awards x67
    – Photoshoots from 2010 > Session #02 x2

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    Last month, our darling Kate was very busy attending various promoting events for “The warrior’s way“.  I have now added 100+ photos from these events to our galleries, for your viewing pleasure! Most of these are unfortunately MQ, since I have a lot to catch up on on this site, so I have to make it as simple for me as possible. HQ’s will be up eventually though, and I promise to not make it a habbit. When Kate attends new events from now on, you can be sure to find lots of HQ photos from it here at Breathtakingly Kate Bosworth! :)

    Later today I will also start to catch up on screencaptures from TV appearances etc. Those will most likely be up by next week, alongside some new site content for you all. I have a lot of plans for this site, and they will all be added soon next to regular updates – you just have to give me some time to get the site all “catched up” first. Enjoy the new photos, and come back soon for more!

    November 17 – Warriors Way Junket Panel x27
    November 18 – The Warriors Way Press Conference x8
    November 19 – Visits Young Hollywood Studio x15
    November 19 – Warriors way screening x45
    November 22 – The Warriors Way Press Screening x15


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    After having fun and great excitement of riding horses and surfing in the blue seas, Kate Bosworth the Hollywood well known star now gets lethal with ‘The Warrior’s Way’ in New Delhi, Dec 10.

    Where Kate goes stabbing her nemesis with knives. According Bosworth it was her ‘dream role’ and says :

    “What I do gain with this movie is my desire of being a part of an action movie is fulfilled. I have always wanted to play this kick-ass and fearless cowgirl and knives are an added bonus here.”

    Kate added:

    “I am ready to explore opportunities in Bollywood with ‘Mr Khan’.”

    The 27-year-old Kate with golden looks, whose drama was blackjack ‘21? (2008), toughened herself by learning blade combat to get into the skin of her character.

    Kate revealed:

    “I play the role of a knife thrower in a circus. So I had to learn how to handle knives. In more ways than one… which does not involve cutting vegetables. It wasn’t so difficult. In fact, it was fun. It is just that I ended up with a few cuts.”

    Kate expressed her views on working in Hollywood :

    “I hear that it is doing really well. ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ success proves that it is time for India to flourish. Actors of Bollywood are working in Hollywood films and vice-versa.”

    Kate continued:

    “If they have a good strong script for me then why not, I don’t mind acting in an Indian movie. Just let me know how difficult is it to learn the language?”

    Bosworth started her career with ‘The Horse Whisperer’ in 1998 courtesy her equestrian skills, Bosworth’s big break was the 2002 surfing movie ‘Blue Crush’. She was then seen in notable projects like ‘Wonderland’, ‘Beyond the Sea’ and others before playing Lois Lane in ‘Superman Returns’ in 2006.

    Kate’s latest, “The Warrior’s Way“, was released in the US last week and hit the screens in India Friday. The epic story of revenge and redemption is being distributed in India by Multivision Multimedia India Pvt. Ltd. with more than 350 prints in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.
    Bosworth is, however, game for more action movies:

    “I would love to as long as they are not the cliched ones.I am happy with the way I am going about things but not satisfied. It is a slow and steady speed and I like it this way.”

    Kate loves eating Indian food and visiting Indian gems precious stones for her jewelery line too.

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